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OOC Information
Name: Dakota
Timezone: Eastern Time, US
Journal: [personal profile] fortunafish
Player Contact: Skype - Chronofoxlp

IC Information
Name: Nadia Fortune
Canon: Skullgirls
Gender: Female
Age: Age 22 at time of death.
Personality: Nadia is the type of person who never forgets a grievance but always remembers a kindness. Despite past traumas, she always seems to have a smile on her face, constantly throwing out wisecracks and cat puns. She is also a very talented and clever fighter, using her powers to the best of their abilities. She's pretty quick to make friends, and those she does make she's very fond of. Also, she really likes small dogs. Go figure.
Powers/Abilities: Darn near unkillable due to her consumption of the Life Gem, and is capable of separating her limbs and head and controlling them while unattached. Also capable of stretching her muscles out in order to reach further and provide more impact to attacks.
Keepsakes/Mementos: No canon keepsakes.
Sample: (571 words)
Mindset: Nadia considers this afterlife as just an extension of the living life. Except, well, infinite. She figures she has to let the past go and just enjoy herself.
G̶̶l̨͡i̵͢t̷c͝͠h̕é͠s̷̷͡: There is a deep trauma tied to the killing of her entire gang, especially given that she had to watch them die, and to the fact that she was unable to save Minette from the Medicis.


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